Bionic Woman Returns

I hope your skin isn’t crawling too much (literally and figuratively!) after all that talk about bugs in the past couple posts.

Let’s move on to a different topic – the new Bionic Woman on NBC.

When I was in New York city over the summer, I saw the billboard in Times Square advertising the show and I said, “Bionic Woman? I am watching that!)

I was able to see the pilot a couple weeks ahead of time because Comcast has it On Demand. (It has since been taken down along with the rest of NBC’s fall preview information. I think they should leave it up there so more people can discover the show that way.)

Luckily, the full episodes are available in full screen mode on the NBC website so you can still see the show from the beginning (and not feel left out or that you will not understand something for lack of storyline background knowledge) if you have missed the regular showing on Wednesday nights at 9 PM.

Speaking of that timeslot…Bionic Woman is not necessarily a children’s show. I was surprised at the content of some of the scenes. I think this version is aimed at adults who fondly remember the original version as children in the 70’s.

I think the new version has a good mix of action, intrigue, special effects, and snappy dialogue. It is very enjoyable and I look forward to more episodes.

My one little complaint is the lack of those great bionic sound effects! Other reviewers have mentioned that as a positive. I think it was Variety that called the old ones “cheesy.” Shame on them and the producers for leaving out those sound effects this time! They would be a great way to tie the affection for the old Lindsey Wagner (and where is her cameo, by the way) version into this one. Admit it, the first thing you thought of when you saw the title of this post was the bionic sound effects!

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