Better Parenting Skills

The rationale behind the Total Transformation materials is to teach parrents new, effective, and better skills to handle the various behavioral issues that are presented by their children.

This blog entry isn’t really a review of the materials as are most entries in this category. It’s really a discussion of one of the fundamental points made by the series.

Some people may be shocked to think of parenting as a set of skills rather than as some innate, intangible knowledge. Maybe some people really are born with some innate parenting skills, they are “naturals at it.” If you or someone you know is not so blessed, there is no shame in seeking our resources to help you get better at it. In fact, responsible parents should feel obligated to get better at the job of parenting.

People who think of parenting as some magical, ingrained knowledge are on the wrong track.

That would mean that one either had the know-how or didn’t and those who didn’t would be doomed to failure. Thinking of parenting as a skill set opens up the possibility of learning new skills and of finding the right tools to deal with a particular situation. That is the kind of thinking that will ultimately make the parent better at parenting. When that happens, the real reward is a happier homelife for both parents and children.

Learn better parenting skills with the program material.

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