Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems

How do you draw the line in your home between dealing with everyday behavioral problems and discipline issues you have with your kids and knowing that you need some kind of outside intervention or additional help because things are getting out of hand?

I suppose one clue is that if you have to ask yourself the above question, it might be time to do some research into the matter!

I love the name of this website that I found called The Total Transformation. It is the business site advertising and explaining a program devoted re-shaping your child’s behavior. It includes DVD’s, CD’s and a workbook. I like the way they describe the various sections such as “10 Words to Say When He Gets Mouthy.” (Sorry, moms, I don’t know if it addresses how to handle it when dads get mouthy too, but you might try the same techniques and see what happens!)

Check out the site and feel free to comment on here on if you think it something that would benefit your family.

(Edited May 2007: When I first wrote this post in February 2007, I had randomly found the site online while researching things to write about for this blog. Since I am now planning to do a in-depth review of The Total Transformation Program, I have created a special blog category for it and I am placing this entry in it.)

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