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“Bedbugs” or “bed bugs,” whether you use one word or two, are a creepy crawly problem that nobody wants to think about.

I was just reading an article though that brought out some interesting points, some that apply specifically to parents.

First of all, no matter how spotlessly clean your own house is, you may be exposed to bedbugs when you travel. Anyone who stays at a hotel, motel, on a cruise ship, etc could possibly be exposed to bed bugs.

Secondly, for parents to ponder, kids love to sleep over at their friends’ houses. Even if they bring their own sleeping bags, they can still be exposed to a bed bug infestation if there is one in the house.

Another fact which should make everybody stop and think. I found this the most shocking in the article that I read. It was saying that most insects problems, even bedbugs, can spread throughout a neighborhood even if the neighbors don’t have direct contact with each other. The insects will move from house to house. The article also warned that pesticide applications should be done on a cooperative basis with all neighbors involved because applying the poison to one house may solve the problem there, but the insects can migrate over again from a house that was not treated.

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