Beach Bicycle Cruisers

Picture it – you’re pedaling away carefree, chatting with your friends while the wind whips through your hair. Does that bring you back to a memory of sumeer’s day or s summer vacation when you were out enjoying a beach bicycle cruiser?

Do you ever wish you still had your cruiser bicycles from when you were a kid. Serious bicyclists love their ten speeds and their mountain bikes, but what about just for some plain old-fashioned bicycle fun.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find bicycles online either. The site currently has summer sale going in in which all bikes are only $88. You can still get that last bit of summer vacation fun in before the weather turns to cold to really enjoy them at the beach. The site also suggests you consider a beach cruiser for a short commute or just a fun ride.

When I think of bicycles, I always picture those that I had as a kid, but when I look at the pictures in an online catalog, it reminds me of how many different styles and colors there are to choose from. Who knows, you may even find that they still make the one you remember from your childhood summers.

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