Bagged Salad

When bagged salad first came out years ago, I was very impressed. Talk about a time-saver both in the store and in the home. I thought it was a product that would help American eat better.

Has anyone else noticed how the prices of those bags of salad have crept up over the years? Every time there is some crazy weather somewhere that causes a supposed lettuce shortage, the prices skyrocket even more. Somehow they don’t manage to ever come back down to where they were before the “crisis.”

My other problem with these products is that they don’t last. The sell by and use by dates stamped on the bags are a total joke. You can pick up a bag in the store and the date can still be a week away and the salad inside is already rotting. The biggest problem seems to be with dark red-colored leaves. It’s like they are saturated with moisture and turn mushy.

You have to check the packages carefully before you choose one.

Considering the prices and the freshness issues, is the convenience still worth it to you?

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