Backyard Water Slide

Are you starting to feel you were deprived as a child as you read the entries I have been writing about summer toys available to kids these days?

Do you remember the slip n’ slide? I bet you haven’t though about that one in a while! First introduced in 1961, the product is still available although it has much fancier designs and themes these days including Spider-Man (sure to be big this summer no doubt), Superman, and Batman. In fact, the company now makes versions that have two or three lanes so kids can race their friends at the same time. That sure beats the old fashioned method of trying to time racers one at a time with a stopwatch.

Companies now also manufacture other version of the backyard water slides too that are inflatable and include tunnels and slides which end in the pools. When you buy them for your kids, your only regret will be that you will be too big to play on them yourself!

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