Backyard Birds

At the beginning of the summer I wrote an entry with a suggestion for a fun activity for kids and an educational activity all rolled into one.

The idea was to establish a backyard bird feeder in your yard and have the kids be responsible for filling the feeder and providing fresh water for the birds. I also suggested that you have the kids watch the backyard bird feeder to see what types of birds started to frequent it.

I wanted to do a follow up post about that and share some of the different types of birds that I have seen outside my window taking advantage of my birdfeeder this summer. I;ve been able to identify doves, pigeons, crows, blue jays, robins, cardinals, finches and the newest avian visitors, goldfinches.

For help with identifying birds, simply look online and you will find many useful sites with pictures.

What backyard birds have you and your kids discovered?

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