Baby’s “First Picture”

No matter how many times I say that I’ve seen it all and nothing could surprise me any more, someone will think of something!

I opened an e-mail from a friend the other day and there was a picture of her new grandchild…a grandchild so young that he was not even born yet. That’s right, she sent me an ultrasound image!

Even though the baby is not due for five more months, you can clearly see the facial features and even make out the little fingers or maybe they were little toes. I’ll leave figuring that out to the experts.

The closest I’ve ever been to an ultrasound machine is seeing one on television. I did read once that hospitals could essentially do a screenshot of the image on the monitor and print it out for the parents. I should have guessed it was just one more step to scanning them into a JPG or BMP format and e-mailing them.

I’m going to have to draw the line at people using the ultrasound image on the front of their Christmas cards!

What do you think?

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