Art Students & Artistic Kids – Contest From Business Christmas Card Company

Attention Art Students, Art Teachers, & Parents of Artistic Kids:

I want to tell you about a contest that your kids can enter to design a greeting card. The prize is awesome. It is a $10,000 scholarship. Read on for details.

You can read the official rules on the Gallery Collection website at this link: Greeting Cards Scholarship Contest. I’ve detailed the highlights here.

The contest is open to high school and college students who are at least fourteen at the time of entry. Entries can be holiday cards, birthday cards, or general everyday cards (also called all occasion cards). Interestingly, the style is quite open too since the website says that photographs, artwork or computer graphics are all acceptable.

What’s the story of the company giving some budging your artists the chance to win this great scholarship? You might recognize The Gallery Collection from their popular line of business Christmas cards. If you are responsible for acknowledging your business’s customers this holiday season and you are not familiar with their line of corporate Christmas cards, then you should check out the website. The cards are very classy and high quality. The foil lining of the envelopes is particularly impressive.

Get your kids involved in with this contest. Please pass the information on to other parents too who would love to have their kids get a chance at an extra ten thousand dollars to pay for their educations.

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