Are Behavior Problems A Phase

I can imagine three reactions to the question, “Are behavior problems a phase?”

A young, inexperienced parent facing a certain behavior problem for the first time convinces himself or herself that it will pass and it’s nothing to worry about.

A parent who originally felt as the one above, but is now stuck in an ever-increasing mess of bad behavior will have a different opinion. He or she won’t understand how something minor has gotten so out of hand and will wonder if there is ever a way out of the situation.

An older parent or wise grandparent will probably just laugh at the question knowing how silly it is. He or she will know that bad behaviors in children don’t simply go away- they must be phased out by active parenting if you want them to become a passing phase!

I don’t know why parents want to fool themselves into thinking negatives behaviors in their children will go away on their own. Have you ever known a bad behavior in a co-worker to disappear by itself or did it get progressively worse because an ineffective boss did nothing to fix the situation?

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