Apple Picking

I always try to suggest fun and inexpensive activities that families can do together. I don’t know how I could have overlooked this one up until this point since we are at the height of its season…it’s apple-picking time.

Most apple orchards that are open to the public these days really do provide a ful day of fun for everyone. In addition to the apples, there are probably other fruits such as blueberries and pears. Many also have hayrides and corn mazes as well as snackbars and even country stores in which you can buy freshly made items that are baked or put together right on the farm.

Another great benefit of an apple picking day is to give the kids an appreciation for the food cycle. I think some kids think food magically appears in the supermarket and don’t realize the process it goes through from where it is grown to when it lands on their tables.

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