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What Are Some Other Opinions Of The Total Transformation Program?

I previously ran a guest post with another person’s opinion about The Total Transformation. Here is another guest post with opinion which also provides an overview of the philosophy behind the program.

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The Total Transformation Program is an excellent program designed to help parents get their children to behave better in virtually any situation. The program was made by behavioral therapists who have years of experience working with children and families.

As parents listen to the program, they will quickly appreciate that James Lehman not only explains many things parents should and should not do, but he also tells them why these things are important.

Editor’s Note: There are actually various methods of instruction within the program materials which is nice because the variations help keep your interest and cater to different learning styles. There are audio CD’s, a DVD, and printed material as well in the form of a workbook. There is also an optional telephone consultation service called the Parent Support Line.

See previous entries here such as Total Transformation Review James Lehman Parent Training and Total Transformation Review James Lehman Parent Education for audio previews.

Explaining the psychology behind the program helps parents adapt it to meet the very specific needs of their children which makes this program even more valuable. The program focuses on changing how parents interact with their children first – which will then change how the child responds.

Editor’s Note: Please re-read that last sentence. It is extremely important and is actually a major point to understand how The Total Transformation Program works and why The Total Transformation Project works.

This process works by taking advantage of the way kids think and teaching the parents how to best get the positive behavior out of their children that they desire.

Of course, no program can ever make children perfect but this one will help parents with kids who talk back, lie, act disrespectfully and exhibit a wide range of other behavioral problems common to childhood. The thing to remember with this program is that the child’s behavior changes because the parent learns how to change his or her parenting techniques. Everything in this program begins with helping parents learn what they can do differently which will result in their children behaving differently.

Learning new parenting techniques and putting them into practice is not an overnight solution.

Editor’s Note: There are some quick-tip suggestions that can be implemented immediately which help parents see positive results right away to give them a head start in the bigger issues.

It does involve a transition period for many parents who may have been parenting the same way for years – perhaps repeating and mimicking methods they may have learned from their own parents which may be less effective than modern parenting techniques. Once the methods of The Total Transformation System are embraced and practiced in the home, the changes in the kids’ behaviors will be remarkable.

Just keep in mind that everything within the Total Transformation System is designed to not only help you have a better behaved child, but also help your child become happier and better adjusted. Kids do not want to be constantly in trouble; when parents learn to work with their children in an effective way, it will result in a much happier household.

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Editor’s Note: I hope you found this review of The Total Transformation interesting and helpful. Watch more detailed analysis in future blog posts and review the Total Transformation material for yourself.

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