Adult Education

If it seems like school work was a lifetime ago for parents out there, but they still have an interest in getting their college degrees, there is now a way to fit higher education into a busy schedule by taking adult education classes online. Parents can now earn the degrees they may have missed out on the first time around.

It always exciting to find university faculty members who have written books. Capella University has their share of such professors. One example comes from the University’s School of Business and Technology. Her name is Sara Orem and she holds a PhD. She has recently co-written a book titled “Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change.” As you may have guessed, she also owns a coaching firm. I think that is a plus as well because it means she brings her students current real world experience, not just theoretical ideas.

For parents who are looking for way to continue their higher education, then they can rest assured that online learning can bring them in touch with practicnig professional in the area in which they would like to study.

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