Address Labels

I’ve written before about various custom printed items you can order online get from Vista Print. I revealed that I am a fan of their business cards. In fact, thank goodness I had some with me earlier today when I was at a party and several people asked if I had a business card with me because they wanted to visit one of my websites. Since most business cards are white, but mine from Vista have a blue background, they really stand out. The recipients remarked about how eye catching they were.

Anyway, today I want to mention address labels. When it comes to using address labels on envelopes, I used to think that they weren’t really worth the money. My thought was that it really doesn’t take much work to simply write the return address or an address on an envelope. I have since changed my mind!

What changed it? The first time I had to do a batch of over a hundred letters for a work project convinced me. The time I saved from using the labels on the initial project and then many subsequent ones convinced me that using a return address label pays for itself in the time saved when it comes to large mailing products.

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