Activities For Kids

If you have On Demand on your cable system, you may be amazed at the breadth of programming available.

They have a whole section with kid’s activities. The video I saw was a chef demonstrating how to make s’mores. The method he used involved peanut butter as ingredient as well as whipped topping. I have never seen that before so it made it all the more interesting. It reminded me of a regular cooking show as he was on a kitchen set except the chef was speaking directly to the kids. His manner and demeanor was like a children’s show host. One thing I thought was really funny is that he spilled something and later commented that it could be messy, but that was part of the fun of cooking. When was the last time you heard that?
A good way to keep the kids out of trouble is to keep them busy with a productive activity.

Check out these On Demand videos for great ideas.

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