Like A Scene From The Bourne Ultimatum

Fans of spy movies such as the Mission Impossible series starring Tom Cruise or the Jason Bourne series starring Matt Damon will be glad to know that they can now get products for their home that will make feel like they are starring in a scene from their favorite spy genre movies.

First, take a look at these pictures. Do you notice anything?

Just some common and ordinary household items, right? Nothing but a bedroom alarm clock, a book, a nice wall picture, and a houseplant, right?

Nothing is as it seems in the spy world. All of those items contain real miniature spy cameras!

Imagine the fun you could have with those, not to mention the very very serious use as home security devices. Wouldn’t you like to know what goes on when the babysitter is taking care of the kids or when the kids are home by themselves. You may be shocked (as well as dismayed, outraged and appalled) at what your kids and their friends do or talk about when you are not in the room.

Thanks to modern technology, you won’t have to guess, you’ll simply have to get a spy camera and you’ll get to feel like your favorite movie star at the same time you can keep a watch over all aspects of your house and household.

For another level of security, check out the spy camera / recorder combinations such as the one found in the “clock” below.

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