A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

It’s one of a parent’s worst nightmares – being in a public place such as a mall with his or her child tagging closely behind when suddenly the parent turns around to discover…the child is missing!

True story:

After the initial shock, the parent calls the name, thinking the child is hiding or playing a game. Within seconds, the parent’s voice becomes louder, more high pitched and desperate. Soon, employees join in the search and an is announcement is made over the PA system. After a minute or two, the parent is in a state of hysteria with free-flowing tears and the worst of fears gripping her mind.

Time ticks away. The whole place is in panic mode as everyone searches desperately. People look at each other wondering who knows something they’re not telling. Mall security and the police are called. The store is locked down.

45 minutes later:

Where was Junior? He was hiding the whole time underneath the long coats on of one of the clothes racks, admittedly laughing and peeking through the coats to watch all this activity buzzing around all because of him.

Parent to Junior through hysterical hugs, “Now that I know you’re all right, I’m going to kill you when we get home.”

My opinion:

I think they call this “The Joy of Parenting.”

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