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I was reading an article the other day called Company Building For Eight Year Olds and it made me wonder how many kids out there have started their own little businesses.

My friends and I used to collect newspapers for recycling. (This was a couple years before most communities in our area had curbside recycling.) We also started a lawn mowing business with flyers and everything. Most of the men in the neighborhood told us that their wives would not allow them to hire anyone to mow the lawn; they were stuck doing it themselves. We did get a few customers that summer. Of course, snowstorms were always good if we wanted to make some money shoveling. Even better was when we got a snow blower and then we could work faster and make more. (Good thing we didn’t have to pay for the gas!)

One year at about age 10, my friend and I even opened up a plant store in my garage. We started growing the seeds in the winter and opened in the spring. Surprisingly, we actually sold a few plants to people we didn’t know. We got some walk-in business from people going down the street and noticing the hand-painted sign we had made.

When I was in 7th or 8th grade, I got a paper route and that was the end of the childhood mini-businesses and onto more traditional ones.

– What businesses did you start as a kid?
– What businesses have your kids come up with? Have you encouraged or discouraged them?

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