My Family is Everywhere

Amanda Smith is the author of this guest post

I have a very large family including parents, siblings, and definitely my children as well as their children. We are all scattered across the western US and do not get to see each other often which can be quite intolerable.

I make an honest effort to keep in touch with them all but quickly learned that writing would be an impossible task if I was to keep up. I would not have time for anything else if I went that route. All, including myself, have telephones but calling can get quite expensive as I talk to each of my three children several times a week (sometimes even several times a day) and my parents and each sibling at least once a week. It would seem that there is always some little crisis or another that each and every one of them just has to keep me informed about. Beside the fact that I am mother, sister, and daughter, I can also claim the fact that I quite often feel like a counselor or, at the very least, a good sounding board. I now keep in touch with them all via Satellite Internet Broadband and I always know what is going on with them.

Family is very important to me and staying in touch with them, even though we may be miles apart, is something that must be done. Anything that I can do to accomplish this is also very important to me.

(Editor’s Note: This entry was written by Amanda Smith.)

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