Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Cinnamon Gingerbread Eggnog Review

No, the title of this blog entry doesn’t mean I’m too stressed out from early holiday planning and all the holiday flavors are getting mixed up in my mind. It means I came across some advertising for some new eggnog flavors!

The first thing about eggnog I’ve found is that people either love eggnog or they hate it. There is no in between. Luckily, I do have friends who love it as much as I do which is why we even like the eggnog shakes from McDonald’s and eggnog flavored ice cream.

That’s why the print ad from Hood caught my eye. I noticed that the containers in the picture had different artwork. Upon closer inspection, I saw the names of the new flavors:

– Pumpkin Eggnog
– Sugar Cookie Eggnog
– Cinnamon Eggnog
-Gingerbread Eggnog

With a list of flavors like that, how can eggnog lovers not pay attention?

Personally, I would like to try the Sugar Cookie and Gingerbread options. The ad had a coupon, which is always a good thing, especially for trying new products. Eggnog is not cheap so a coupon definitely helps. This particular one was for $1.00 off two containers. Normally, I’m not a fan of coupons that cause you to have to purchase more than one unit, but in this case, since I want to try multiple flavors, we’ll overlook it.

Eyeglass Prescriptions

It was just a about a month ago when I posted my last entry about wanting to order eyeglasses online from the discount (extremely so) eyeglass website ZenniOptical.com.

I said I would give an update on the site as soon as I had more information. Finally, after a month I am ready to place the order. The delay came because I wasn’t able to get an appointment for an eye exam all this time! You have to love how much fun it is when hardly any place (including all the ones you see advertised on TV) will accept your vision insurance.

Anyway, it took me all this time to get an appointment on a day that I could go to the one place that would accept the insurance. Now that I have that, it should be easy to place the order.

I’m still leaning toward a style which has the color of the frame all around and I like the shape of the lens.

I know that most people who read about the company wonder how they can sell prescription eyeglasses for such a cheap price. (Prices for single vision lenses start at at an amazingly low $8. Even if you add in the $4.95 for shipping – a flat shipping fee, by the way, no matter how many pairs of glasses you get – the price is still only $13 for a complete pair of glasses.) They explain on their website that you are getting the glasses directly from the labs that manufacture them (which are overseas) so you are essentially cutting out the middle men throughout the normal distribution process which add so much into the cost at the regular retail level.

Once again, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you should check it out for yourself. Even if you weren’t planning on purchasing new frames and lenses right now, it would be a good time to order a pair to keep as a spare around the house just to test out the service.