Holiday Cards

I was just writing about some back to school stuff here in late September. However, for those of us in business who have to plan for holiday cards for customers, clients, or other business associates, late September is when the research on this topic begins. There are several factors to consider including finding cards with artwork and themes appropriate for the variety of faiths of people on the list, customization options, and turnaround tiem from order to receipt.

In the past, getting professionally printed holiday cards appropriate for sending in business situations was a very expensive and time-consuming exercise. Luckily, that is not the case anymore on both counts due to expanded technology, resulting lower pricing, and the access we have to printers anywhere in the country thanks to the Internet.

I’ve talked about VistaPrint on the blog here before because I was so happy with the price and quality of business cards I ordered from them. In fact, whenever I hand them out, I get complimentary comments on them. Due to that fact, I feel comfortable recommending that you check out their website for holiday cards too.

As a great bonus to motivate you in your research, here is a discount code you can use on the VistaPrint website to get ten free holiday cards: XmasFree

Organizing School Supplies Workspace

It’s been almost two months since I wrote about the DYMO Labelmaker as everyone was getting ready to go back to school. (Where did that time go? It’s almost time to start putting up the October classroom decorations.)

Anyway, if you didn’t take my advice them and get one of these useful and fun electronic label makers, it’s not too late and in fact, now that the academic school year has been underway for a few weeks and the kids are starting to get into subjects in depth, now may be the perfect time.

The number one item on any list of tips to help students perform better in school is for them to get organized. Labeling everything they use and in their environment works towards this goal on several levels. First, using the label maker is fun for the kids so it gets them motivated to start the whole process. Second, you can’t label things when they are messy so the kids need to take the plunge and organize all their stuff.

Once everything has been arranged neatly and the stickers have been applied, the kids will stay organized because everything has a place and the place is clearly marked. The labels will also help avoid confusion with school books if they covers are identical. It is so disheartening and disruptive for kids when they realize they grabbed the wrong book from their lockers or desks and can’t do their homework as a result.

By the way, as you can see from the picture below, these label makers are not just great at organizing school supplies. They can do wonders for your office or home office too.

Parenting Priorities

The cell phone or the baby?

How sad is it that we have really come to a point in society where that headline is a reasonable observation of public behavior?

What I am talking about here is something I once witnessed at a public event. It was an outdoor event in a carnival like atmosphere. A woman was letting her baby crawl around outside in the dirt! I was shocked. I said to my friend, “How can she let the baby do that?”

My friend looked over and noticed something I had missed. She responded sarcastically, “Well, obviously, she can’t hold the baby at the same time she has to balance her cell phone and her drink.” Sure enough, my friend wasn’t kidding. The woman had actually put her baby down to crawl in the dirt so she could have her drink and hold her phone!

Is it scary or just sad?