Cutting Hair At Home

Well, maybe you shouldn’t actually cut your own hair, but you and a friend or you and a family member can cut each other’s hair at home!

Today we are discussing home hair clippers, or home hair cut kits as they are also called. I bought a GE set, a few years ago which came with the clipper unit, several attachments for different lengths, and even an instructional video which explains tips and techniques to cut different styles of hair and different textures.

The kit cost 20 and saved me several hundred in haircut fees over the past few years. That one was but there are also cordless models that some people may like better.

After seven years, the unit finally died. I’m not sure what happened to it, but the blades stopped working and the motor just made a dull buzzing sound. There is repair center information in the instructional booklet, but I decided that mailing it to a repair center would not be worth the cost considering the postage charges and the initial price as well as the price of a replacement.

I ended up getting a new unit from Panasonic. This one is cordless. Rather than having several different attachments to adjust the hair length, there is one built in to the top of it that moves with a dial to get the desired hair length.

The lack of a cord getting in the way is a definite improvement. I like the idea of the cutting attachment being adjustable, but I’m not sold on the design because the hair builds up under it and it has to be taken off periodically. However, that also has its advantages because it makes much less of a mess than the old one made since the old one would all the hair fall all over te place, while this one traps ninety-five percent of it.

Considering all the money (as well as time and travel to a professional), this type of product and cutting hair at home earns the highest Worth It rating available.

Diet Alternatives To Soda

What if you are on a diet, but still want to be able to have a tasty beverage? That’s where Crystal Light and other generic store brands of non-calorie flavorings for water comes in.

Crystal Light is definitely worth it because it adds flavor to water with no calories or sugar. To get in an even better bargain, get the private label store brand for about 30% less price.

You can actually replace any of the usual sugar-laden drinks because of the wide range of flavors available. Lemonade, fruit punch, orange, and many more are all good choices. There are even ice-tea flavored options.

Another diet alternative to soda is a no-calorie energy drink. They also come in a variety of falvors and some have herbal supplements and caffeine as well.

Frozen Pizza Ratings Reviews

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and favorite topics.

DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza is one product that definitely lives up to its advertising. “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.” Frozen pizza brands have been making claims for years that they are just as good as the pizza from a restaurant, but this has rarely been true.

The first brand I ever remember considering as a favorite when I was a child was La Pizzeria. (Does anyone else out there remember that brand?) As a teenager, I remember switching to Mama Celeste. Unfortunately, the large size was either discontinued by the manufacturer or just pulled by all the stores in my area, but the only kind of Mama Celeste pizza I can buy is the small, microwaveable single serving kind. I pretty much had to move on, although on occasion I would buy the single serving size to bring to work for a microwave lunch.

These days, I stick with DiGiorno and actually prefer it to most pizza places in the area. Considering a large DiGiorno pizza is one third of the price at a local pizza place and tastes better, it gets the highest Worth It rating possible.

You Get What You Pay For

You always hear people say, “You get what you pay for.” Is that true? Do you really believe that? Are there exceptions?

Here’s a general question that always generates heated debates in person so let’s see what it can do here:

Is it better to pay more to receive a higher quality item or would you rather get a more inexpensive item that needs to be replaced sooner.

I say the more inexpensive item is still better because you get something brand new again if the old one has to be replaced as in this example. An expensive pair of running shoes may last several years and cost you a hundred dollars. You can get much cheaper shoes than that and over a several year period get new ones several times and spend the same hundred dollars.

Your turn.