Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions Online

Is it worth it to pay for magazine and newspaper subscriptions anymore in order to receive the hard copies or do you prefer to just go on to the websites and read the stories for free?

I think that more and more media companies will simply switch their advertising revenue to online venues so their brands and business will be constant, just the delivery will be via an online platform.

Would you be willing to pay for online subscriptions to material that is not available for free on the website? What about having material sent directly to a cell phone, Blackberry, or PDA?

Wall Calendars

Is it worth it to buy wall calendars? Every year in late autumn, I notice the calendar store at the mall spring to life. The pictures are great and all, but are wall calendars necessary in a day and age where some electronic device is always available with the date staring you in the face.

Here is a quick list of the things I can think of off the top of my head from which you could get the date: your watch, cellphone, Blackberry, computer screen, and digital camera.

Another point that should be made when discussing if it is worth it to purchase a wall calendar is the price. The lowest price at the calendar store in the mall is ten dollars. The highest price is about thirty. The dollar store across the street from the mall sells the same size calendars for one dollar!

Do People Still Buy Greeting Cards?

I suppose the title of this entry is just a rhetorical question to make a point. Obviously people are still buying paper greeting cards at retail stores, but think of hwo the volumes have chnaged over the past decade or so.

The real question is – is it worth it to buy greeting cards these days? Even Hallmark sells software packages to allow you to print out your own cards at home. Many websites, even those of major card companies, allow you to send electronic greetings.

It’s not like it was years ago when people actually sent letters to each other and greeting cards took the place of a regular letter. These days, everyone is barely an e-mail or text message away. Do you still spend the money on that extra physical card when you want to send good wishes?

Portable Dishwashers

Just because you bought a house that doesn’t have a built in dishwasher or you have no counter space to install one, doesn’t mean you are doomed to a lifetime of washing dishes by hand. Thank goodness there is another option.

You have the alternative of purchasing a portable dishwasher. They are on wheels so you can put them anywhere in your kitchen that suits you or move them as necessary. You can also buy models that have a faux butcher block top so rather than getting in your way, they in effect extend your counter space. In fact, in my case they create counter space because I wouldn’t have any room to prepare food if I didn’t have that counter top on the dishwasher.

Buying a portable dishwasher is one of the best uses of my money that I have ever spent. One thing I have learned and I highly recommend you think about is to purchase the largest size available. The more you can fit in the dishwasher at once, the better off you will be.