Frosty Mugs

No, I am not talking about mugs in the shape of Frosty, the Snowman, although I suppose they would fit in fine with this item if used at the holidays. The frosty mugs I’m talking about here are the plastic, double layered mugs that you buy and put in the freezer then use as a regular mug when you need it.

There is some kind of solution, possibly just plain water, between the layers. That solution turns to ice and then keeps your beverage cold without having to dilute it with ice cubes. It also keeps liquids colder for a much longer time than regular ice cubes.

I picked up some of those mugs for 99 cents each at a discount store and use them daily so they are definitely worth it.

Ordering Checks Online

By now, most people know that they can reorder checks online. What many people don’t realize is that, in both the online and offline worlds, they can also order their checks through printing companies. They don’t have to go through their banks and pay the prices associated with the vendors that the bank partners with on its website or in its promotional literature.

Vista Print is a custom printing company that I have mentioned before on this blog. They have a wide range of items and it is always worth it to research their site when you need a custom printing job done. I just found out that they also offer checks and are currently running a promotion in which customers can get 25 free checks! You can use coupon code BlogFreeChecks08 to get the free checks during the checkout process.

I wish I had known that Vista offered checks the last time I ordered them because the company I used required a minimum order quantity of 150. I really didn’t need or want that many. Vista’s smallers order quantity is only 25 which is much more reasonable in this day and age of electronic banking.

I was going to suggest that you check out the link in the first paragraph to order your checks online the next time you are ready to place your reorder. However, I have a better idea. Check out the link now so when it is actually time to place the check orders, you’ll know exactly where to go to get the job done online easily and quickly.


Do you think it is necessary to get rid of a perfectly functioning “old-fashioned” television set for the sole purpose of replacing it with a hi-def version? I know the commercials, the electronics stores, and the department stores are all insisting that the whole world needs HDTV’s. Are they worth the price difference?

Is there anything that you watch that is crucial for the picture to be seen in that resolution? (interestingly, I’ve read articles featuring actors, acrtresses, and professional make-up artists all saying that they were none to keen on high-definition televisions for obvious reasons.)

The last time I discussed this I advised readers to save their money, saying that they should wait a few years and HDTV would be the standard. I reminded readers that there was a time when color TV was the new and innovative idea in the industry. It looks like the time has come when almost all new TV’s being sold are both HDTV and flat screen (either LCD or plasma). I went to several store electronics departments today and couldn’t believe the numbers. I also thought it was interesting that the few remaining tube TV’s were priced insanely low compared to what they used to be just a few years ago.

What’s your HDTV plan?

Home Makeover From Renuzit

UPDATE NOTE: This is an old entry and the contest is no longer active. The links have been removed because they no longer work.

– – – – – – – –

We’ve been talking saving money in your household on and off here for a while, especially since the introduction of the Is It Worth It Consumer category on the blog. I’ve get a great topic to discuss today. Talk about saving money! How about the chance to win a $20,000 home makeover from Renuzit, a well known brand that your probably use in your home already? I thought that might get your attention. Read on for details.

Have you already decided how you would spend the money in your home? That would be so awesome to get the chance to create your dream kitchen or perhaps your own home movie theater. Maybe it’s the outside of your house and landscaping that needs some attention.

To enter the contest, you need to create a two minute video of your house demonstrating why you need a home makeover from Renuzit and you need to write an essay (250 word limit) as well. Both the essay and the video can be uploaded to the contest site. Check here to see official rules.

This type of contest can be a lot of fun and you can let your creativity shine. Imagine yourself in the judge’s shoes and really think of how to convince them that your house deserves their attention. If you need some inspiration to get started on your entry, Renuzit is offering a coupon for TriScents electric scented oil air freshener. You can simply print the coupon right from the website, a feature I love.

Enter to win with this link.