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Let’s get to the good stuff right away. You may be familiar with Vista Print, the online printing company that offers people the opportunity to test their business cards by getting a box free (you just have to pay for the shipping). I wrote about them before pointing out that I have received business cards from them and was happy with the quality.

Vista is running some other promotions that will give you the same deal on other products hey sell. This blog entry is about their free small magnet offer. If you would like to to get 25 free custom magnets, simply visit that link and enter the coupon code of Blog25FreeMag and you’re good to go.

Custom magnets have been really growing in popularity over the last few years. One large user base is brides-to-be who use them as save the date reminders so their invited guests can put the decorative magnet on the refrigerator and be sure not to make other plans on the same day. These also serve a dual purpose as kind of a pre-wedding favor.

Another interesting use of magnets is to print business card information on them. Since they are easily displayed on a refrigerator, they leave the information for a local restaurant, store, or professional service very handy for consumers. Business people also put them on their cubicles and filing cabinets at work (that’s what we used to do) so it leaves information for potential vendors (and local eateries for lunch) always handy during the workday.

Parents also can use custom magnets (in this case photo magnets) for their children’s pictures. It’s more fun for grandmothers and other relatives to display the kid’s pictures in their own homes that way without having to buy their own frames.

How can you use magnets to promote your business or just for fun in your personal life?

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