Using Powdered Milk

Have you ever considered using powdered milk as a substitute for buying regular milk or as a convenient item to have in the kitchen or pantry for those times when you run out of regular milk and can’t easily get to the store to replenish your supply?

First, taste-wise, I think there is a big difference. I don’t think powdered milk is as good as regular. In its favor, powdered milk has a much longer shelf life and is not prone to such easy spoilage as is milk bought in liquid form. That can make a big difference to both convenience and the bottom monetary line. When it comes to saving money, one of the biggest enemies to that goal is throwing away spoiled food and beverage products. In the case of disposing of spoiled liquids, you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Another use of powdered milk is in various recipes so it is good to keep some on hand for that purpose. The package I had also suggests that you can add powdered milk to other foods in order to boost your calcium intake.

Overall, I would give it a “worth it” rating, but I would not rely on this form of milk exclusively.

Growing Your Own Vegetables

It may seem early in the growing season. In fact, it isn’t even the”growing season” here since I look out my window and see ten inches of snow that have been piling up over the last twelve hours or so.

Nonetheless, if you want to start growing your own food this summer, one trick is to start with the seedlings right now. The earlier you plant them, the stronger they will be when it is time to transplant them outside. Also, they will mature faster and you will have a higher yield of food from them.

Now, that brings us to the question of this blog category series, is growing your own vegetable worth the trouble and expense?

Rather than looking at this from a cost accounting point of view (which would factor in the time and labor involved, I’m considering only a purely monetary point of view. Actually, we should consider taste and freshness to so I will mention them as well.

Monetarily, you can’t beat the price. A package of seeds costs 99 cents and will allow you to grow several full plants. Considering the price per pound of any type of produce, growing your own is overwhelmingly the only choice.

Regarding quality of the food, the same applies. You can decide if there should be any pesticides on the plants. You can’t beat the freshness of picking something in your own garden and serving it immediately.

Would you consider the time and labor involved? Would that outweigh the benefits to you?

Emotional Eating Or Emotional Overeating

When I first heard of the website, I was thinking it was one of those sites in which you can upload a picture and turn yourself into a funny character. In fact, it is much better and more useful than that! It is actually a site devoted to helping lose weight by understanding the root causes (such as stress, relationship problems, fear, etc.) of what makes them choose to eat and overeat the way they do in the first place.

What an excellent concept to explore. This applies to kids as well. Many kids are overweight because of the food that their parents provide for them (as well as many other factors). I hope parents will take a look at the shrink yourself information and apply it not only to themselves and the choices they make in their own food consumption, but also apply it to the reasons they give their kids certain foods as well.

In addition to a course and available book, there is also a lot of free information on the site to introduce you to eh concepts and give you a solid foundation in understanding why the principles of the program make sense.

If you know that you are eating the wrong foods for all the wrong reasons (actually, is there a right reason to eat the wrong foods?) or you want to get a better understanding of some of the emotional triggers that contribute to overeating, then explore the Shrink Yourself website and let it lead you to a better you.

Total Transformation Program Preview

I’ve written many review entries about the Total Transformation Program, but this is the first one that includes audio and video preview information.

There is a written component to the program itself of course in the form of the workbook, but the main delivery method of the material is audio and visual through the CD’s and DVD’s so it only makes sense for you to be able to check out the material in the same way it is actually presented.

There is an audio tip available right here in this blog post.

This parenting tip available below brings up a very interesting points. I always find it fascinating to see how James Lehman looks at parent-child interactions and comes up with simple, but profound and useful observations.

Enjoy the interactive preview below as well as the Total Transformation Audio & Video Preview at this link which includes audio from the CD’s in the program and video from the DVD’s.