Adolescent Drug Abuse

I recently wrote an entry advising parents to do research on what drugs their kids might be exposed to these days. If your parental research turns up the fact that you started asking questions too late and your adolescent is already involved in drugs, then you need to find help to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

There are teen drug rehab centers devoted to helping your kids and the entire family get back on track. One such facility Echo Malibu, offers a website (at the link in the previous sentence) with information on their own program and facility as well as general information about teen drug use. They also offer an around the clock 800 number so there is always someone available to advice you on the situation that your family is facing.

Birth Order

I hope you enjoyed the entries over the past few days in which I examined (in a tongue-in-cheek manner) positive and negative aspects of falling in different birth order places in a family.

If you read through all the entries, you will find that some contradict each other, even within
the positives and negatives of one birth placement. That’s part of the fun of birth order discussions. Everyone sees it from his or her own point of view. No matter what the experts say, nobody will ever see it from any other point of view than his or her own because you can’t try a different family and get placed somewhere else in the birth order hierarchy.

Where did you fall in your family’s birth order? Did you experience some of these only child, oldest child, youngest child, or middle child characteristics and situations when you growing up?

Feel free to share your stories here.

Paying For College

There are many reasons that people look for cheap loans. One of them is definitely to pay for college. With the prices at most universities and colleges continually spiraling upward, do you know anyone who can afford those costs out of pocket?

If the financial aid office of your child’s college can’t help you completely cover the bills, there are other options that you can explore to make up the difference between what they will help you with and the total bill. Some people contact their local banks and inquire about personal loans or secured loans. However you decide to tackle the problem, be ready to explore a variety of avenues and be open to the idea of using multiple sources.

Middle Children

Once again, middle children should thank me for purposefully listing them last just to help them prove their points that there is no glory in being the middle child.

5 Issues Middle Children Have With Being Middle Children

1. If you’re worried about making everyone else happy, when do you have time to care of yourself?
2. It’s hard to get your parents attention because the older kids do everything first and the youngest ones are cuter, so how do you get attention?
3. You never get to be in charge. The older kids boss you around and your parents tell you to let the little kids have their own way.
4. You’re older siblings get new clothes, but you have to wear their old hand-me-down clothes and then watch your younger siblings get new clothes because yours are too worn out and out of style.
5. When you tell people you have Middle Child Syndrome, they tell you there is no such thing.