Large Families

How large is too large when it comes to nuclear families?

The largest family that I ever knew personally had a total of 9 kids. With the two parents living in the household, that meant that there were 11 people living in the house.

Is that too many?

What is the largest amount of kids in a family that you know? (Please consider only people you know. Don’t count something you have read about in the newspaper or seen on TV.)

What would your personal limit be?

What do you think is a reasonable limit for everyone else?

Limiting Kids TV Watching

With DVD’s and videotapes, children today are watching more television than ever before.

Do you limit your kids’ television watching to a certain number of hours per day or per week? If so, how does that compare with restrictions (or lack thereof) that your own parents had put on your television viewing as a child?

I can’t remember ever having any limits places on my TV time by my parents, but that could be because I was never spending a large amount of time in front of the television set so my parents figured that there was no need for official restrictions.

I do remember that when I was in seventh grade we read something in school about a study of kids watching to much TV and I made myself a schedule to make sure I didn’t go ove a certain amount which was 7.5 hours per week. I don’t know why I picked that number or why it stays in my mind today, but that was it. I had no trouble sticking to it so I quickly abandoned keeping track. It would be interesting if I still had that paperwork today so I could see what shows I was watching back then.

Making It A Blog Finding Trilogy

There are so many blogs out there devoted to parents that listing five over the last couple entries Parenting Blogs, and More Parenting Blogs barely scratches the surface.

I would like to share a few more today in the hopes that my established readers, as well as people who stumble across these entries some time in the future will have a good foundation of blogs with which to get acquainted.

Here is another set for readers to enjoy:

Parents’ Place

Busy Mom (I love the tagline the author has under the blog’s name on her site. It says, “Better parenting through coffee.”)

Single Parenting (this blog is no longer available)

Plain Jane Mom

Feel free to share your recommendations for other parenting blogs that you read on a regular basis.

More Parenting Blogs

After mentioning the great blog located at the Parenting Magazine website in my previous post Parenting Blogs, I decided to find a few more to share with my readers.

Enjoy the following: Parenting Blog


Adoptive Parenting Blog

Let me know how you like them.