Parenting Articles

I found a great resource that has more parenting articles than you could possibly read in one sitting (or ten, for that matter).

The name of the site is This is a link to the parenting resources on the site. You will be amazed with the topic sections and the individual articles, which number around one hundred.

There are the usual general articles that you would expect on issues such as listening to your kids and airplane travel with kids. There are also some topics that are less popular, but just as important such as a section titled “Ineffective Parenting.” I am glad to see the site’s editors are not shying away from the tough realities.

Family Issues

I was just writing in a previous post about family resource articles. Since other points of view are always useful, I’m writing in this entry about another resource out there and this one includes videos. It’s the American Family section from the ABC news website. The title of the page promises coverage of “issues that affect the modern family.”

Issues, indeed! There are sections covering everything from family and career to family finances. There is also an entire section on dealing with teenagers. You can believe there are some issues covered there!

Parenting Studies

Would you take part in a long-range parenting study if you were asked to do so?

It’s one thing to take a quick survey online, but quite another to commit to being interviewed in person at regular intervals over several years.

When I was a kid, I remember that my cousin and her parents were involved in a a long range study. It started when she was born and the final family interview took place when she turned twelve. I wish I knew know what the study was because I would love to be able to read it and see if I can recognize any anecdotal evidence cited in the work as coming from their lives. Also, it would be fascinating to see if my cousin’s life matched the researcher’s overall conclusions.

What is your involvement or opinion of long-range parenting and family studies?

After All That Money On Braces

Any kid (or former kid) has had braces knows the physical pain involved. Any parent who has had to pay for braces knows the financial pain involved. Like so many things in life, we endure the pain for the benefit of future gains.

At least that’s how is it supposed to work. I just came across this article reporting on a study led by Professor William Shaw at the Universoty of Manchester in England that concluded straighter teeth won’t lead to happiness.

How dare they come to that conclusion?

What do you think?