Last Year’s Hottest Toys – Part 1

As promised we are going to start discussing the hottest toys of the year very soon. First, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the hottest toys of 2005 and see if anyone even still remembers them and if any of them actually landed on this year’s list as well.

These were the top 5 Toy of The Year Award winners for 2005 according to the Toy Industry Association.

1) Top Overall Toy – VSmile TV Learning System

2) Top Toy For Infant / Preschool Level (tie between two) Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set Inc and
Peek-a-Blocks™ IncrediBlock

3) Top Toy For Girls – Bella Dancerella Home Ballet Studio 4) Top Toy for Boys –

4) Top Toy For Boys – LEGO Knights’ Kingdom

5) Game of the Year – Scene It

Did you kids want any of these last year? Did you get your kids any of these last year? If so, what happened with them? Do you agree that they should have been awarded Top Toy status?

Jingle All The Way

It’s the time of the year to start thinking about that holiday movie titles Jingle All The Way in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played a harried father running around like a maniac at the last minute trying to get that one special toy that his son wanted so badly?

You know you felt that way at time or another in all you years of parenting. What toy drove you to craziness? Was it Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80’s? How about Tickle Me Elmo in the mid 1990’s. Did Furby steal your heart and your wallet in the late 1990’s? Did you once scour eBay trying to find the last X-Box on December 23rd?

Share your story with us here and keep checking back because I’m going to be doing a series of entries about the hottest toys of the year.


Last year I wrote a post asking if sledding was a lost art. You can read it here Sledding – A Lost Art.

What made me think of it again today was that I was in a department store the other day and I didn’t notice any sleds! It hasn’t snowed yet in my area, but still, t’is the season as they say. I am sure they were somewhere in the toy aisles, but I didn’t go through that department so I must have missed them.

The same thing happens every year once it snows. People get all excited about the sleds and the stores sell out. Be smart this year and get yours now so the kids won’t be disappointed at Christmas.

Enthusiasm For Decorating

Are your kids ready to decorate your house for Christmas weeks before you are? Do you think they want to do it so early in the season that they could qualify to be retail executives?

It is interesting how there is such a range of opinion and practice out there about the best time to decorate for the season. Some people put their Christmas decorations up on Thanksgiving evening while others traditionally put up and adorn their trees on Christmas Eve.

When I was a kid, I wanted to start as early as possible. Somehow seeing the house transformed meant we were closer to the big day – the presents, school vacation, the snowball fights, and seeing relatives.

When do you start holiday decorating?