2006 Top Toys – # 4

Category number four for the Best Toys of 2006 showcases the Best Toy for Boys.

The award goes to… the Tyco R/C Shell Shocker from Mattel.

Before I even looked it up, I already liked the idea because as a kid, I and my friends loved anything with a remote control. I’m sure that today’s toys have far better ranges and faster speeds than ours so they must be even more fun.

This is no ordinary remote control vehicle. It transforms from “cyberball to cyberbeast” according to the Tyco TC showcase website. That means that the toy actually changes shape and function! A mention of the toy would not be complete without commenting on how ugly the thing is. No doubt, this revolting look to adults was part of the marketing plan all along. I bet that’s why the kids love it all the more!

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